She shone, brilliant as the sun. I, Ill-content to simply bask in her warmth, donned my wax wings for a closer look.

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I awoke with a start, hearing organ music. I saw my Mother standing over me: “ lie back down baby, it’s a funeral, and you don’t make a scene.”

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Closing your eyes, you are a child once again, running and laughing with friends on a sunburnt beach. When the laughter turns to rumbling screams, there is only time for eyelids like violent window shades to fly open, beholding the towering wall of water stretching up into an endless sky.

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Hospital Farewells

Somehow, goodbye never feels easy in the mouth; it catches in the throat and twists the tongue and you end up saying, “I’ll see you soon.” As you close the curtain on your way out, the gentle white lie is laid bare and its grim implications jolt you to a halt.

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I just bought you’re new iPhone 6 and tried to take a selfie for 3 times. I viewed the 1st photo and saw something blurry and black was beside me, in the 2nd photo the black object started to become distinct until the last one was actually horrifying. I saw myself died.

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