Found You!

It was nearly midnight when I finally finished boarding up the doors and windows. I thought I was safe and let out a sigh of relief but then I heard the dead child giggling behind me.

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The Keyhole (Repost)

When I arrived at my uncles house was told to not go into his daughters room, on my way to the guest room my curiosity got the better of me, I looked through the keyhole and saw an eye staring back at me. My uncles daughter passed away 2 years ago

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“If you think your precious family will miss you, they wont, they will simply think I am you.” said her twin sister as she raised the knife above her trembling head. Her last thought before the knife came down was the unbelievable memory of having just attended her sister’s tragic funeral two days ago…

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Hitch hiking

“It’s Dangerous hitchiking around here – said the driver with a strange smile – You know?! There’s a maniac on the road”. “Yeah, I know – replied quietly the hitchhiker – it’s you the maniac. Remamber? I was your first victim” and with those words she removed her scarf, revealing her ripped throat.

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