Uncertainty Principle

After seventeen years of building the specialized hardware and coding the exclusive software, the Machine was switched on.

As it created a perfect simulation of our universe in every possible detail, we realized we were no longer certain of our own reality.

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He became paralized when he discovered that someone had writen something on the window of his 4th floor apartment last night. Then he realized that it was writen from the inside.

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Breaking up is hard

As I gazed into his pleading eyes, I suddenly realised he’d been right all along, and that we really should finish it – and so I let him go. And as we parted, I knew I’d done the right thing at last and found myself filled with an inexpressible peace – especially when his fading scream was cut short by the concrete sixty feet below.

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Wishing Well

Taylor strolled along a frozen winter’s path, stopping to throw a dollar in a stone well while wishing for warmth; Taylor went home to a cold cabin shivering and disappointed. Alex walked along the same path while carrying some logs, passing by the well with only a glance as he returned home to start a fire and plan the food that could be bought with a dollar.

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