Two Sentence Story bookmarks

Hi everyone, so I had people emailing me about Goldfish illustrated, suggesting it would make a good bookmark.Flashback

I’d like to gauge interest in printing up some bookmarks from the stories on this website. I’m thinking five different bookmarks, full-colour double-sided. This means a single bookmark would have a story on each side.

In total, ten different stories would be made into bookmarks. They would cost $1 each or buy the set of five for $4.

Using online estimators, the postage within Australia would be about 0.55-$1. For US/UK and everyone else in the world it would be somewhere between $2.50-$4.50 AUD for postage.

The bookmarks are 40mm wide by 150mm tall, so clearly there would be some design constrictions which would affect which stories could be printed up.

Anyways, I’m leaving this post up so you can tell me if it’s a good idea (as in, you’d be a customer) and which stories you would like to see made into a bookmark. Leave your reply in the comments and vote on this page.

If enough people reply and vote then I’ll start putting up designs for voting. The best designs win.



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