The Morning After

On the first morning that Harriet woke up next to the young tan man beside her who barely spoke a word of English, she worried to herself, “Have I made a foolish mistake?”. 35 years of mornings later and she smiled as she watched the sleeping tan man in her life lay next to her, and she reveled in knowing that it was the best foolish mistake she had ever made.

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the comment

I was sitting down alone scrolling on Instagram,then I picked up a spoonful of cookies and cream icecream.Then a few seconds later I read a comment that i was tagged in saying “I know you’re eating my icecream.”

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Anger and shame welled up inside Henry’s addled brain as he waited for the first of his accusers to start listing the awful things he’d done to them. Five years of meth-use had wrecked every relationship he’d ever had and he knew it, the knowing told him this confrontation with his family, friends and coworkers was his only chance to live in the real world again.

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The message

…Later that day I received a message on my phone that said “You were the only one there, you know who killed me!” It was from my wife, she kept my phone number and charged my phone, after I passed away 6 months ago just to hear my voice on the Voice Mail.

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All the Same

Woman who abort their unborn children justify their actions with the claim: they’re not technically human. Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Ted Bundy, Albert Fish, Jeffery Dahmer, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy and Adam Lanza probably thought the same thing—so I guess they’re all the same.

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I was devouring that box of yogurt like a mad man when in the rear distance I heard a woman’s voice crying. After I finished all the yogurt her sound was clearer saying: “It’s a hand cream, not yogurt!!!”

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Gender Fluidity in the Heat of the Moment

The woman I picked up at the bar sucked me off like no one ever had.

I’m still not sure what surprised me more: when she said, “Your turn” and lifted up her dress to reveal an erect cock, or when I leaned in to return the favor.

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