If you stay long enough you get what you don’t want

I was actually getting sober after a long night out with friends when a man came up to me offering cannabis. Had I waited for a little longer I would have never bought the grass that would change my life.

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Green Glow

Her eyes used to glow like a traffic light, but now they burn shadows at the other side of the lake. Should I jump in and swim across, or let myself drown like Jay?

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tornado alley

I saw the tornado warning on tv so i decided to wait it out in my storm cellar. They say that an approaching tornado sounds like a freight train, this one sounded like boards being nailed right against the cellar door.

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The Change

The temptation of exploring an old haunted house alone , where strange things happened to people and against my best friend’s wishes ,was too hard to resist. After spending a night there when I proudly came out to announce to my friend that nothing in the house had changed since last night , I found her screaming hysterically , the house hadn’t changed , I had !!

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The Diner

I should have known right from the beginning that there was something wrong with the deserted diner especially after ordering their special steak. The meat tasted strange , the waitress was staring continuously at me with a perpetual smile on her face & a butchers knife sticking out of her apron.

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Long Lament

I am losing my mind and I’m scared I’ll never find it again. I have traversed too many dark nights in the lost hours since I last loved myself and for this final hour I will stand and remember what it means to be human in the end.

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And In Leaving

Silence descends and not for the first time I wonder if it is a noun in and of itself or if it is merely the absence of sound. And then I remember how long it has been since I last heard your voice echo off my walls, and I know that nothing that is empty can crush so completely.

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