Second weekly winner!


The second weekly winning is “Wings” by Laurie Meekis. Prize of $50 AUD. Go buy a pony. A very small pony. Perhaps to carry your keys on a collar around its neck.

Why I love “Wings”

The first sentence is so very formal and serious. This is an important ceremony! Then the second sentence reminds us that every ceremony we take part in was created by us – and maybe aren’t as formal as we pretend they are. I like it because it reminds us that even those of high-status in our society are people as well. I also like it because of the joking reference to sex in the midst of a very formal ceremony. Sex is entwined intimately with our experiences and an integral part.

Finally – I like it because I can imagine it so very clearly, the breaking wave of laughter, the stories that come from it. Based on a real life story it also has lived probably a thousand times in telling and retelling.  Much fun.

Again it was hard

Another week and even more entries that I thought were simply fantastic (and which have moved up to the top of the ratings). Yes it was hard to choose a winner but please, don’t make it easy for me. Keep going!

Two weeks left

One more week and another whopping $50 AUD prize awarded!  Then a week later I’ll be awarding the first ($150), second ($100) and third ($50) prizes.

Thank you all again for entering – I’ve been very much enjoying it and also enjoying following links back to sites to read your other writing.



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Shakespeare Al Fresco

The spellbinding and heart-wrenching tale of Romeo and Juliet can be summed up in a mere few words; they came, they shagged, they died. In this, they were like every other human couple who joined biological forces, except that the title pair were in such a toxic rush.

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“The Chameleon”

I am “The Chameleon”; no I’m not some superhero who can change the colour of their skin to suit the environment nor am I that weird lizard-like creature which can do the same thing.
I am the spy who can blend in with a crowd and be seen but not seen, I am the person who can melt into walls and disappear; I am the person who can slip down dark alleys never to be seen again and this is why I have earned the name “The Chameleon”.

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This Is My Dream

The two brothers fought valiantly with their swords against a foe that outnumbered them tremendously, but now it was becoming apparent to the younger one that the enemy was gaining ground as they grew weary. Noticing his brother’s obvious concern and fatigue, big brother looked over smiling and said, “Don’t worry bro, this is my dream and we’re gonna win!”

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It’s not you, it’s me

He thought of all the possible reasons to stay: the sex, her ability to just quietly listen when he had to pour out his heart, her timeless smile, her soft, pliant body, the sex, the way she was always there for him, the sex…

“Look, we’ve had some fun times, and you’re great and everything, but I’ve met someone real,” he said to the blow-up doll.

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Drifted Passage

She held my hand and took me there, to her city in the sky, with its long twisting streets paved with heavy shadows that’d stick to the souls of your feet and leave echoing footsteps of flickering silhouettes.

I got lost up there, winding through the back alleys of her city where rainforests climbed up the sides of glass-walled skyscrapers, and deep canyons were lined with mass-transit trains built from the smooth golden pieces of great ancient clocks, gears spinning in the dappled sunlight that broken in through the high-voltage power lines and lush canopy of greenery; I got lost, and never returned home again.

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