Muscle Memory

Risking a go at post-coital conversation as he got up and walked out the room, Stan Huckjaw said to the woman whose name evaded him at the moment, “I’m gonna grab a sandwich and hit the shitter.” Somehow, he instinctively knew to flinch, even though the exclamation “Pig!” hit his ears no sooner than a four inch heel hit the back of his head.

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Back to Nature

Phil could still remember the day he saw the first crack begin running up the living room wall of what he had once considered his dream home. It was about nine months later that he ran to the unused nursery in response to the screams of his wife, to find that two possums had moved into the box that still contained the never-assembled crib.

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Chew The Ashes Of Life

Life’s a headache; a deep throbbing pain that’s not going to stop until you drop into your grave in the cold, cold ground.

Yet, even after all the years of tears, watching great men give in to their fears, we will still come back to do it all over again, gladly, if only time permits.

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