Business Is Business

As the huge pot began to boil, Harry hollered, “I have herpes, syphilis, leprosy, so I’ll taste lousy, not to mention cannibalism causes madness and tribal extinction.”

His non-English speaking captors were entrepreneurs, not cannibals, so they sold the 30 gallons of chunky soup, 150 patties, 28 pounds of jerky and 500 sausages they derived from Harry’s carcass to tribes that were.

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With the grim prognosis delivered in the sterile environment of the doctor’s office, James scooted his chair closer to Sarah’s, patting her hand, realizing she was at a juncture in her life for mending fences with her estranged sibling, even though he knew reconciliation would be difficult after so many years of hurt feelings stemming from a long ago forgotten slight.

“Absolutely not,” was Sarah’s initial reaction to the suggestion followed by, “I’m not in the mood to listen to helpful hints from the healthy,” leaving James to understand any bringing of the two together would be solely up to him.

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Big Top

The thickly applied make-up became grotesque beneath the unforgiving fluorescent lighting, illuminating the horror lurking in the face of a thousand nightmares. I wondered then how I’d managed to wind up in the staff toilets at the Spurling Brothers circus.

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