“Don’t shoot him,” I ordered the soldier who was about to squeeze the trigger on the hapless 10-year old son of the slain terrorist leader lying supine on the ground. Next moment, I felt the cold blade of the army knife the boy had snatched from its holster in my belt and driven in one fell swoop into my stomach and the triumphant glint in his little eyes with the hand holding the blood-dripping knife hanging loosely by his side.

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The Truth Seeker

“David Harold Ashley, I’ve told you dozens of times thinking vulgar thoughts about girls is a sin and now I catch you masturbating in spite of knowing you’re headed straight for hell!!” After Mom ranted out and slammed the door of her thirteen-year-old’s room, he retied his bathrobe, turned on the computer and googled “atheism”.

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The Tree

I cut down the tree in my front yard last week because the branches kept scratching and banging on my bedroom window every night. I’m starting to think the tree was the least of my problems, since the scratching and banging hasn’t stopped.

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