The Trade

I finally confided my 7-year old love for him adding that he must be my soulmate. Exasperated, he said that’s impossible since he’s sold his to the Devil 5 years ago.

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At 12 midnight, the leader of the Ghost Hunter’s club looked at the next member wanna-be and calmly asked, “Could you tell me how many are in the room right now?” My little sister scanned the place and confidently answered “Six, including my brother here”, while I looked around, counting at least 15 people in the room and realizing my little sister only have two eyes and I now have three.

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Just Too Avant-garde

The auteur inserted a line into the Wikipedia synopsis about how his film employed non-traditional storytelling techniques, frustrating some critics. He made sure to include a link for credibility’s sake, then toggled tabs and refreshed the movie review aggregator page three more times.

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At 26 years old is it weird that I find nothing more comfortingn than my mother’s touch? You may find it weirder that when died giving birth to me.

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Dumb Ways To Die

My mom watches kids in a daycare and there is a 4 year old boy and his little sister who is 3 months old. Today I saw him singing “Dumb Ways To Die” to her, as he shook her back and forth really fast. when I told him to stop he covered her mouth and nose with his hand. I pulled him away from her and he said “she’s MY baby!” …

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