Attention is a click of heels, perfect creases, heads lifted, jaws set, and chests filled proudly with the hope of doing something good and right.
Four months later, heels click again, heads lift and jaws set as we wait for the gun salute in much shorter lines.

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Bird Brains

The chicken didn’t ponder long before venturing out into the heavy 5 o’clock traffic on the busiest road in this country town. All she had wanted was to get to the other side to feast on the sack of corn that had flown off of the feed truck, but she had not really considered, as is the way with chickens, that she might get squashed flat by a refrigerated truck on its way to the local Publix to deliver – what else – chickens.

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This sentence is dedicated to all those unwritten stories, all those unfinished thoughts, hidden facts and coincidences that were unlucky enough to take place far away from human eyes ,therefore loosing any posibility of being recognized, explained or remembered. And this other sentence is only here because of the rules.

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The Worst Heartbreak

“Ahhhh, I feel sooooo good,” slurred the wife before she and her husband passed out from the pills, too drugged to notice the ones that had spilled on the floor.

Their toddler’s funeral that week from an accidental overdose of OxyContin somberly disabused them of that mindset.

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Green Plastic Men

G.W. sat on the floor that last night in his round room wearing his flag patterned flannel pajamas, playing soldier with his green plastic army men, lost in the pretend battle game while the real world outside his door crashed.

Daddy George came in scolding briskly in his gentle dignified twang,” G.W. it is time to pack your toys away now and get to bed so the new kid moving in will have a place to set up his own games.”

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The heat was unrelenting, beating down on baked grass that can’t lose anymore color as the illusion of trees shimmered in the background. I was on my knees with a trickle of sweat trailing down my spine even though my body wouldn’t quit shivering and I slowly looked up through the barrel of a gun.

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Repo-d lunch

Omg one day i was going to eat lunch at school(i was really hungry) and i was like third in line and i was putting food on my tray{it was my turn to pay the lunch lady} and i gave her my money and she looked on the computer and was like you already ate lunch[ remember i said this was first lunch that day] and i was like no i didnt( i was third in line) so the lunch lady{in her hair net, with grease and lord knows what else all over her apron} got up and snatched the plate of food out of my hands! My lunch was repo-d that day.

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Finally home

She paced the floor over and over, cursing his very being, dreaming of how many ways she would tear him apart for putting her through this misery again, when he arrived home, which he always did, with a stupid look on his face and a lame excuse emanating from his lips.

No matter how much she loved him, she would teach him a lesson this time she vowed, until the knock on the front door accompanied by the two uniformed police officers, brought her world to a crashing halt.

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The Dog That Speaks English

Phoebe – a small dog who wasn’t known for her jumping abilities – wasn’t allowed on the furniture but after begging every night, her female owner finally said, “OK, Phoebe, if you can make it onto the bed by yourself, then I’ll let you stay up here.” Moments later Phoebe used all her might and jumped on the bed; her female owner turned to her husband and said, “See, I told you she speaks English.”

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