As the Prima ballerina took a final bow at the last performance of her 40 year career, she reflected on the many prizes, accolades, awards, flowers and recognition she had received due to her excellent interpretations of all the classic and modern dances her company had made famous.
But a single tear ran down her cheek when she realized that because of her unbridled ambition, instead of going home to the house she had once shared with her one true love, she would spend the night entirely and heartrendingly alone.

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be the wiiner forever

Being last or first is not a punishment, being first needs more hard work and being last need more mental strength.

“beat the time in race not the first person then u will be the winner forever”, don’t just satisfy with the position satisfy with your achievement which what you want to achieve.

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People were so friendly today, smiling at me all the way on the train, making pleasant eye contact, which continued on my stroll from the busy city station to my office building.

I caught my reflection in the reception counter glass and was immediately rewarded with a reason for my newfound popularity: my $300 pencil skirt was tucked firmly into my $5 hose.

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The lion, watching her prey,paced back and forth in her cage, hunger making her feel desperate,angry and anxious for the games to begin.

When her cage door swung open, she lunged for the middle of the coliseum, oblivious to the roar of the crowd, her golden eyes judging the distance between herself and her soon-to-be martyred victim.

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The wonder of Christmas

Since the age of 13, they’ve met every year for their annual Christmas party, sharing stories, sharing lives, sometimes even sharing boyfriends, and always sharing their love and profound affection for each other, sharing in the love and all the wonder that Christmas bestows upon each of them.

Now, 50 years later, they still meet for their annual Christmas party, only now the wonder is – which of us will be the first to go?

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