A Dream Come True

Her dreams always do come true so when she dreamt about a dismembered woman’s hand wearing a princess-cut diamond ring floating in the water, she knew someone would die that day. And as her boyfriend of 5 years surprise her with a romantic dinner by the bay and a beautiful diamond ring, painfully, she knew it’d be her.

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She Reads

She was neither fake nor vain; she could not understand why other women crowded in shops looking for the perfect dress or the most exquisite necklace, and how they enjoyed their dreams at night when all they could see were their pretentious bodies bathed in gold. She was grateful though – the more women there are in beauty shops, the less there are in the dusty bookstores where she found the most exquisite and perfect stories that conjure her technicolor dreams at night.

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Who would have thought?

It began to snow, a rainbow peaked through the thick fog, and then a few porpoises splashed and surfaced briefly for air, all while the cruise ship slowly drifted by a huge glacier tucked in between two Chilean peaks. I had never thought a scene like this could exist, but then again, I had never believed in vampires either, and now I was sharing a cabin with one.

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I shouted at her that I wasn’t a robot, that I had feelings and hopes and dreams and so what if I was falling in love!
She pressed a button on a remote, a panel opened in my chest and at least one thing I had just yelled wasn’t true.

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A lily rose out of the pond, its scent sweet and bitter, its colors yellow and blue, its posture bent and straight at the same time.

I wanted to be like the lily, strong and smooth and sweet, but life weakened, roughed, bittered me without remorse.

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