Having just bought a new pair of glasses with thick frames, I got used to seeing something out of the corner of my eye, however, sometimes when I take my glasses off, I can still see whatever it is. And it seems to be getting closer.

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A Dream Come True

Her dreams always do come true so when she dreamt about a dismembered woman’s hand wearing a princess-cut diamond ring floating in the water, she knew someone would die that day. And as her boyfriend of 5 years surprise her with a romantic dinner by the bay and a beautiful diamond ring, painfully, she knew it’d be her.

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The Diner

I should have known right from the beginning that there was something wrong with the deserted diner especially after ordering their special steak. The meat tasted strange , the waitress was staring continuously at me with a perpetual smile on her face & a butchers knife sticking out of her apron.

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