Were They Strong?

Yes, I knew Anna quite well, and I can tell you before you even ask that she definitely wrote the six cello suites in 1721 because Bach told me so; and he also said that she could out-write him on any stringed instrument… “NO question!”, he would yell it out.

They had 13 children, yet she was buried at Leipzig in a pauper’s grave and was never recognition for her genius… go figure.

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Grilled Sleaze Sandwich

The Bangkok Suites may have been a cheap motel, but Babs Crasshank knew she was cheaper by far. As she searched the bottle-littered room for her pantyhose, she had a scotch-soaked half cigarette and one of last night’s fortune cookies for breakfast.

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Moving Day

She smiled, turned the key in the lock, then walked away from the empty old house for the last time, jumped into her car and drove off following the moving van down the deserted country road.

Inside the attic walls only the spiders and mice could hear the steady heartbeat of the man who lay muffled and bound in the pitch black.

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Dating help

I read: “single mum loves to dance and keep fit doing so (i am a size 8 ) whose happy with her body and the skin I’m in and love my motor sport needs to love a guy who loves to dance and has a natural high energy level and is single, honurst, kind, passionate, careing, romantic, and has a high sex drive.” Cheryl, I said, “you’ve mis-spelled ‘honest’”.

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I leaned close to hear his last whisper

“Please, please come much closer for I am dying now, and I can only whisper… just a few moments left; but I need you to tell them how I felt about her at the end… oooh my dearest God.

You… you see she was my purest soul mate, a final fusion, and when she left, most… no, no… all of my soul was ripped from my body, and now it is with her, but that is as lovely to me as though she where here at my bedside to be adored.”

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Thicker Than Water

“I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Crane,” the bemused Emergency Room physician told the distraught parents, “there must be some mistake … your blood types are incompatible with that of your son.”

Mr. Crane, momentarily forgetting his paternal duty and concern, crossed the room and, almost imperceptibly and for the first time in a decade of marriage, began to raise his right hand toward the blushing left cheek of his wife.

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The Gods Return

Winged Mercury spoke the hideous verdict, “The Gods resolve that the vast Corporate claws buried so deeply in your beloved children’s hearts are irremovable; therefore each tiny chest must be fully cleansed.”

Thus unchained the relentless Furies toiled, surrounding great Wall Street with the huge open pit that ceaselessly they filled with colossal piles of once gentle, now putrid, little hearts; and yet, the reader will be unsurprised, the Great Winners within continued honoring themselves with such vast self-love that they failed to note their grisly suffocation from the putrid stink … as the Gods settled their accounts.

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