Repo-d lunch

Omg one day i was going to eat lunch at school(i was really hungry) and i was like third in line and i was putting food on my tray{it was my turn to pay the lunch lady} and i gave her my money and she looked on the computer and was like you already ate lunch[ remember i said this was first lunch that day] and i was like no i didnt( i was third in line) so the lunch lady{in her hair net, with grease and lord knows what else all over her apron} got up and snatched the plate of food out of my hands! My lunch was repo-d that day.

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How to strike loose a writer’s block.

My hands wouldn’t write what I wanted them to, so I went at both of them with the largest hammer I could find in the house.

As I slipped in my own blood and fell towards the floor, it occurred to me that the pain I felt was more satisfying than any poetry I’d ever scribbled down on the blue-lined tear-streaked pages I called a journal.

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