Thicker Than Water

“I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Crane,” the bemused Emergency Room physician told the distraught parents, “there must be some mistake … your blood types are incompatible with that of your son.”

Mr. Crane, momentarily forgetting his paternal duty and concern, crossed the room and, almost imperceptibly and for the first time in a decade of marriage, began to raise his right hand toward the blushing left cheek of his wife.

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The Gods Return

Winged Mercury spoke the hideous verdict, “The Gods resolve that the vast Corporate claws buried so deeply in your beloved children’s hearts are irremovable; therefore each tiny chest must be fully cleansed.”

Thus unchained the relentless Furies toiled, surrounding great Wall Street with the huge open pit that ceaselessly they filled with colossal piles of once gentle, now putrid, little hearts; and yet, the reader will be unsurprised, the Great Winners within continued honoring themselves with such vast self-love that they failed to note their grisly suffocation from the putrid stink … as the Gods settled their accounts.

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