Only the Dead have Seen the End of War *

Ecstatically they haul our huge, creaking horse to the very center of their city, while the molten sun stokes the furnace of our wooden, hidden womb and spitting sweat blinds us.

My screeching heart heralds the huge coming of death that will end this, the greatest war the world has ever seen.

* Title from Plato

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Dr V

For years my sister wrote letters from “Dr. Vagina” to the city councillors representing every town issue through the viewpoint of the effect on town vaginas.

The day the police arrived was the first time I ever saw my mother laugh so hard she cried.

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168 Marks on The Ishango Bone

The marks were humble, even gentle in their up and down march on 30,000 year-old fibula …six times ticking off the lunar month.

My inner eye netted her tiny, black hands meticulously aligning the rows so that her menstrual beat merged with the moon’s ballet; and she became the earth’s first mathematician.

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