Tomorrow at work they’ll ask me what I did on the weekend and I’ll lie and say “you know, just had a bit of fun” or something like that.
The truth is that on the weekend I mocked a few religions, declared a meal “the worst I’ve eaten” though it wasn’t, slept alone, and relaxed my hands on the wheel in yet another reckless game so the car strayed just a little onto the gravel.

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Impatience Rewarded

Smiling glances traded by the aged couple sitting on the front row as cherished memories dance through their minds, whispered antidotes of childhood pranks and mishaps, and one fidgety dance of impatience all come to a halt when the gilded doors at the back of the room opened. Tony knew the wait was worth it, the extra few minutes time well spent, when his bride came through the doors and he watched his future walk toward him, one beautiful step at a time.

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She comes to visit me.

She made love to me with her eyes, her glance running over my body, her hands trembling to get close enough to touch, our worlds separated by an impossible expanse – our bodies so close, with nothing but three inches of bullet-proof glass to keep us apart.

She asked me if there was any word on when I might get out, if there was any chance for an early parole hearing, but there was no reason to give her any hope that my situation would change; her husband was still dead, and his brother was still the mayor.

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If I could give you one tip in writing it would be never to repeat the same thing twice, keep your audience prepared for something new, even if it is only two short sentences.

If I could give you one tip in writing it would be never to repeat the same thing twice, keep your audience prepared for something new, even if it is only two short sentences.

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Breaking Free..of Ridicule.

How could she possibly express, just what her heart ached to say; but her head prompted her not to, for fear of rejection, fear of the upturned eyes, and furrowed brow. In order to keep her status as local wallflower, young-at-27 and inevitably to be a colloquial cat lady; she simply had to keep to herself that she enjoyed High School Musical.

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The perfect Valentine

Sheree, always conscious of her full figure, and worried that Tony, her new boyfriend secretly thought she was too fat, was surprised when she found him standing at her front door with a dozen red roses in one hand and a huge 10 pound box of chocolates in the other.

Her heart fluttered, thinking this was the most perfect Valentine’s gift in the world, and Tony was the most thoughtful man she had ever met, when he informed her that the roses were for her mother for bringing her into this world, and the chocolates were for her because she needed some meat on her bones.

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Once they classified “breakup grief” as an actual illness, there soon was funding and benefit concerts and searching for a cure.
So far, choc-chip cookies, good friends and a 12-week course of pills is what they’ve come up with.

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From behind she looked considerably less than half my ex-husband’s age as she tossed her expensively gorgeous hair. But the hands and face looked as old as mine and I wondered whether to be angry or triumphant.

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What, me finicky?

After perusing every can of cat food on the supermarket shelf, reading for ash content, and trying to decide which would be the most appetizing for Mr. Finicky, I finally decide on the most expensive brand of course and take it home to my feline companion, who always lets me know that he will eat only the best.

I open the can, place the contents into his crystal bowl, pick him up lovingly and set him down in front of the delicacy du jour, whereupon he sniffs, turns up his nose and runs through the pet door to dine on his stinky leftovers from last night which had been placed on the back deck for the hungry raccoons.

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