Nervous Chatter

“So, essentially, I think time travel is a real possibility, despite the Casimir effect, if we can develop a self-directed artificial intelligence and send it through a natural wormhole in space, because over time it could travel to earth and build a stable artificial portal,” he rambled.

“Have you ever BEEN on a first date before?” she asked.

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One Way or Another

A mountain climber travelled ahead in time and began to climb of Mount Everest, but halfway up he discovered the body of a man who resembled him—same clothing, same face—lying frozen in the snow. The climber removed from the dead man’s pocket a delicate gold pendant, which he placed around his own neck, and then continued up the mountain, finally reaching to the summit of Everest on his second try.

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Take That

When those who were invited began to show up, there sure was a lot of hugging going on. Old doc Cooper hugged her, and tightly too; and Missy Danby, a nurse from two doors down, arrived and hugged her; and Jason Miner the fire chief hugged her so hard that finally they could lift her high enough to loosen the rope from the around her neck.

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Scarlet Letter

She conceals herself in the dark shadows of her bedroom where it is quiet and where she finds peace beneath a pile of clothes where she sleeps protected and hidden; but “where is the little girl?” they will ask finding her bed empty, and “where has she gone?” when they search for her but find nothing. The window is ajar, and a breeze billows the curtain—“She has run away,” they will say, “to test the fates on this cold and windy night”—but the little girl is safe… for a while; and though always vigilant, she remains mercifully unseen, shielded and safe beneath the pile of clothes in the shadows.

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The Transfiguration of Christ

The transfiguration is when man became God, bringing together the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (of which Jesus had been blessed by his birth) to form the Holy Trinity. Jesus is God and Son and is filled with the Holy Spirit, but before that day on the mountain when God proclaimed, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him,” Jesus was simply a man… with radical ideas, a man inspired to speak out against the established doctrine, espousing freedom of thought and selflessness.

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Sixth Sense

An icy hand ran its fingers down my spine, summoning goose-pimples and shocking my arm hairs to attention. I’d received no call or note, heard no voice in my head, but I was suddenly certain I was no longer a twin.

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Just A Thought

I think an agency somewhere should develop a way a person could travel a long distance… while unconscious. It would be great to arrive at the airport, get a shot in the arm, and then wake up in Paris; to me it would seem like an instant, but not so to the handlers responsible for me during the long and tedious trip; and for this reason I would give each of them a fat tip… ahead of time.

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If Only Once II

The second time I watched you read this two sentence story, your eyes seemed less focused, and your lips were quivering in anticipation of the ending; and as before, I held my approach because if you are the one who is meant to be mine then I must show some control while you read, again, the middle of this story, praying that the ending has improved. It was then, during this second viewing, that I became certain you would be satisfied with me as you continued to read; a gratified look began to make you smile when you discovered near the end that you and I do indeed come together… full stop!… for all time… and that my love for you has always existed and always will, just as I have idolized you always, just as I love that kooky face you make when you’re frightened… how adorable; so yes, I will wait patiently, again, as I have done before, to catch a glimpse of you and, perhaps, even catch your scent… and again I will hold back my approach, all the while thinking how lovely it will be to finally kiss your shoulder… and brush your hair… and gently caress your lovely and delicate neck… if only the once.

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When you get home from a long workday, in search for the couch. Someone has been here, a search of the house.

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