Marketing girl

I attributed all kinds of complex motivations to your behaviours and spent a long time working out how to work with you.
Then I realised I just needed to shake something shiny in your eyeline and you’d get distracted and totally forget all that marketing bullshit.

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I’d shake it all out – watch it fall out like runny, shiny, smooth, glassy beads. The sand in my shoes warm from the sun that played all afternoon on the golden beaches –
I would run my fingers through my hair wet at the nape of my neck.

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Swimmers at the local swimming pool

I used to be one of them – a show off, fast, showing off my moves, floating belly side up like a poached egg but now my new body is soft with body fat, it is still a comfort fit although it feels so different when I see myself in passing mirrors.
It feels as if I am staring at my face in water; in a million different pieces that somehow does not quite have the right fit.

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Half in love

My mother has stretched out her legs and put them
on my fathers lap -‘He is mine. Stay away or go away this is our private time.’
So I disappear to my room – she doesn’t have to say much to make me the Outsider.

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