Sanity seemed to slip from his grasp in those final moments. With his last breath, he turned and said “should’ve gone the other way”.

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Might we later look upon this time and be utterly impressed. So high a retard per capita rate is something to be proud of.

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The impression of the charred carrions of the villagers in their minds was the price had to pay. In a barren world with no plants or animals, food was a hard thing to come by.

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Creature Comforts of Home

The night after his mother’s funeral, as Allen lay in the darkened bedroom heartbroken and feeling alone, a wisp of her perfume wafted by and a soft voice whispered, “Don’t cry baby boy for mother is here.”
Startled, he switched on the bedstand light, only to find his wild-eyed stepbrother, wearing lipstick and his mother’s favorite dress meeting Allen’s forehead with a wood axe.

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