The ongoing battle with the neighbours has become a war of attrition.
They took out our toaster with a surgical strike, we cut off their communications with the destruction of their letterbox and soon, soon my friends, we will invade their lounge and end this for once and all.

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Were They Strong?

Yes, I knew Anna quite well, and I can tell you before you even ask that she definitely wrote the six cello suites in 1721 because Bach told me so; and he also said that she could out-write him on any stringed instrument… “NO question!”, he would yell it out.

They had 13 children, yet she was buried at Leipzig in a pauper’s grave and was never recognition for her genius… go figure.

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Where They Strong?

I will not forget that it was September, 1914, the Marne; and she was working with her usual fury at a first aid station only 250 meters behind d’Esperey’s Fifth Army line.

I was there 30 seconds after the shell hit, and even 60 years later, I can close my eyes and see her beautiful, dead face.

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