O Death

I begged, “why can’t I stay a little longer just to be by his side?”
The man with the gray face spoke without looking, “because no child should be taken before their parent.”

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The Boogeyman

When I was a child, my older brother would always try and scare me in the middle of the night by creaking the door on the wardrobe and whisper in my ear “Boogeyman Boogeyman”. I used to hate him for that, but now I would do anything to take those days back, because now I continue to hear that longing creak of the wardrobe knowing it’s not him, those slimy lips against my ears whispering “Boogeyman Boogeyman”.

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The Trade

I finally confided my 7-year old love for him adding that he must be my soulmate. Exasperated, he said that’s impossible since he’s sold his to the Devil 5 years ago.

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At 12 midnight, the leader of the Ghost Hunter’s club looked at the next member wanna-be and calmly asked, “Could you tell me how many are in the room right now?” My little sister scanned the place and confidently answered “Six, including my brother here”, while I looked around, counting at least 15 people in the room and realizing my little sister only have two eyes and I now have three.

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