Love At First Sight

“Lust at first sight may be real, but love at first sight is a myth,” I said with self-assurance, to which my grandfather chuckled.

“I was smitten with your Grandma the moment I saw her,” he said with a grin, “and we been married over forty years… I’m fairly sure it ain’t been lust that’s kept us together.”

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Pet Peeve

I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re a nice guy — it’s just that when you sing to me you make me want to rip a hole in my neck and scream through it and never stop until I run out of breath and lapse into unconciousness.

And if I wake up and find you serenading me, I’ll get really annoyed.

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Oops/Heavy Metal, If Dropped, Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

And lo, in a burst of passionate headbanging, his head dislocated from his neck and flew off into the crowd.

A fan, thinking the lead singer had thrown it, caught it and treasured it forever.

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