The New Year

“We must learn to move on,” she said. For the last time, we saw the fireworks reflect in our eyes as the memories clung desperately to the edges of the old year, only to be washed away— to be drowned in the new— far, far away.

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The importance of being unimportant

Dear diary,

I was thinking about sticking my pencil into the little button-hole eyes of my boss who thinks he’s a big shot, treating me like some insignificant clerk that files meaningless papers over 9 hours a day, 365 days a year for more than 20 years, while I am actually the secret daughter of the President of the United States! But then again, he’s just a poor guy who doesn’t know the truth so I’ll continue to work through the night as I don’t want anyone to discover my hidden identity.

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The Night Shift

Shortly after three, he climbed into bed and put his arm around me, releasing a tired sigh after working the night shift. Ten minutes later, the front door opened, and I heard my husband talking on his phone: “You don’t understand. He’s after us.”

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You know, they say that the first sign that you’re in a coma dream is a message telling you to wake up. Won’t you please wake up?

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Her note read, “You are the blank verse written by the hand of a tragic poet with broken wings who wonders why this summer came”. She is still waiting on the edge of the rock with no answer…

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I love you and I have been watching and have been following you ever since I saw you, but I can’t bear it any longer. Please tell your guardian or whatever that is, that I won’t watch no follow you anymore, and tell it to please stop visiting and whispering things at night while I sleep.

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The worst neighbours in the world

She asked them nicely not to throw loud children’s parties, to keep their garden clean and their cats out of her flowerbeds, but they didn’t listen. After things had quieted down, she kindly volunteered to clean up the garden and help search for the missing cats, even though she knows exactly where they are (the children too)… but she isn’t telling.

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With all this endless singing, dancing, and laughing, this is the happiest place in world. You would just wonder why they call everyone here in the asylum crazy, when everyone else outside choose to live in constant misery and suffering.

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“Fill me O Lord with thy radiance and thy love!” We heard the Angel cry.
Although our destruction was great and absolute, we all agreed, “So terrible a beauty could not be denied.”

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