All the Unheard Screams

No one believed seven-year-old Scotty Schmekmeier, that kindly old Dr. Krappendorf was in reality an evil son of a bitch who visited unspeakable horrors on the children of Phfiffenburg. No one did, until a search for the missing doctor revealed the contents of his root cellar, and what was stored in those dozens of jars of formaldehyde.

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A Fabulous Human Being

Barry considered himself the most fabulous human being in the universe, because he wasn’t hooked on booze, dope, sex, porn, nicotine, caffeine, meds, food, gambling, talk radio, TV, or the Internet.

He pondered his magnificence, as he sucked the edge of unscented, gold-colored Dial antibacterial bath soap.

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Only the Dead have Seen the End of War *

Ecstatically they haul our huge, creaking horse to the very center of their city, while the molten sun stokes the furnace of our wooden, hidden womb and spitting sweat blinds us.

My screeching heart heralds the huge coming of death that will end this, the greatest war the world has ever seen.

* Title from Plato

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168 Marks on The Ishango Bone

The marks were humble, even gentle in their up and down march on 30,000 year-old fibula …six times ticking off the lunar month.

My inner eye netted her tiny, black hands meticulously aligning the rows so that her menstrual beat merged with the moon’s ballet; and she became the earth’s first mathematician.

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Key West Vermin

“I promise I’ll call you as soon as I arrive in Key West” he said, as he gave her a deep kiss goodbye, and held her tightly, vowing how much he would miss her while he was gone these next two days.

Too bad the rat didn’t realize that Sloppy Joe’s has a webcam she thought, as she caught sight of him in a wicked embrace with the tawdry blonde next to him at the bar.

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The Beginning

Of all those in the Pythagorean campo that season, Mistra, a youngish woman, was the most brilliant and coldly determined in argument.

Yet her hands and body shook violently that morning as she whispered urgently to the stunned Master of her dream that the long side of the triangle, when squared, equaled the summed, squares of the other two.

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Rock and Roll Life: The Birth

After opening for the headlining Pynchonettes, the members of Shredded Pecker returned to their van parked in the alley behind the club to find what they initially thought were their first groupies. Though on closer inspection it was determined that they were only a pair of bag ladies looking for a place to get out of the cold, this did not prevent bass player Flemmy Squatencough from partaking anyway.

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