I sold my soul to the Devil yesterday. In retrospect, I could have gotten a lot more.

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He pressed his hand against his chest. It was growing in him, feeding on him, but he still had time.

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Thinking with his genitalia had gotten Crispin Snatscatcher in trouble many a time. Though none of his planetary invasions had proven fatal thus far, most of the habitable worlds in the galaxy were teeming with unviable mutants that were the results of his, shall we say, alien encounters.

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A Fable of Sorts

Somewhat disoriented after waking up in a strange hotel room after his first night in town, Belson Crandle could not remember where he put his shoes. He finally found them in the ice bucket, newly polished and filled with vanilla pudding and dead mice.

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Were They Strong?

Yes, I knew Anna quite well, and I can tell you before you even ask that she definitely wrote the six cello suites in 1721 because Bach told me so; and he also said that she could out-write him on any stringed instrument… “NO question!”, he would yell it out.

They had 13 children, yet she was buried at Leipzig in a pauper’s grave and was never recognition for her genius… go figure.

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Where They Strong?

I will not forget that it was September, 1914, the Marne; and she was working with her usual fury at a first aid station only 250 meters behind d’Esperey’s Fifth Army line.

I was there 30 seconds after the shell hit, and even 60 years later, I can close my eyes and see her beautiful, dead face.

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