One night, a man ran out of gas and found himself lost and walking down a long country road surrounded by corn fields when he finally comes upon an old, picture perfect, farm house with the porch light on. He knocks and an older woman answers the door, welcomes him in and says “sure, we would love to have you for dinner” just as he notices that the family sitting at the table has a fileted human head on a platter.

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I’m so excited to go home that I didn’t realize the trail of liquid behind me as I walk to my front door. The door opened and I can hear my mom shouting to my dad that I was stabbed multiple times and left to rot in a ditch since yesterday.

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Death awaits

The nurse walked into room and found her patient crying and hiding under the covers. When the nurse asked what was wrong the patient pointed to the other side of the bed and asked “can you please make the man in black leave, he’s making me nervous?”

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Bessie, my white-faced golden retriever, trotted over to greet me with a smile and a wagging tail as she always does. She’s the best dog I’ve ever had, and I only wish I was still alive so I could give her the belly rub she so rightfully deserves.

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She, a girl with below average looks and brains, always wanted to be famous but was rejected everywhere. Chronically depressed, she jumped off a building and the blood oozing out of her body contoured a Hindu deity on the floor; her prayers were answered.

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Mirror Words

Finally, hours later, when I was able to touch the soft white skin of her beautiful cheek, I felt dead eyes searching me with questions. I had loved her completely but found myself holding her lifeless body by the neck wondering who had written the words on the mirror.

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