Shattered Hopes

I hollered at the top of my lungs, pestering my Mom for a pair of brand-new shoes for the prize-giving function next day at my school to receive my brand-new certificate. All my happiness and hopes evaporated into thin air just like the dew before the sun when, stepping out the store, I set my eyes upon the nameless, legless beggar girl of my age sitting on the sidewalk with a certificate won at a school prize-giving lying by her side, dusty and dog-eared.

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Hope, Sarcasm and Wisdom from the Mother of a Writer

“It’s tearing me up Ma all these rejection letters are getting piled up on my counter from everywhere I sent my work to and they all come back to me with illegible red ink glaringly scrawled across them which no one in their right mind can read so how am I supposed to know how to make them better?”
I could hear the sarcasm dripping from her voice over the crackling phone line “I’m sure you will be crying me a river about these rejections when you have your first book published until then buck up and grow a backbone.”

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A Moment

” You know that I love you, right,” I breathed out, looking at my wife with what a I hoped was a agreeable smile.

” No, husband,” my wife replied, a smile crossing her face in answer,” you’re not hanging out with your friends at the bar, watching the Super Bowl…”

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Alien Lovers

His name was not a sound it was an idea, somewhere between orange and warmth with hints of sincerity, kindness and reliability. Until this time he had been alone but now there was another and together they slipped across the landscape, scavenging at times, at others simply rejoicing in each other’s company.

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Lady, please move!

He stood there at the bar in great pain staring at the back of her beautiful long red hair, desperate to get her attention but the noise from the rock band being so deafening it prevented any conversation, leaving him no recourse but to forcefully shove her away from him.

Now that his foot was freed from underneath her bar stool, he could begin making his apologies.

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Death bed

A husband is sitting at his wife’s death bed holding her hand while she is under the influence of morphine and she is mad, not knowing who the person is, because she cannot open her eyes but hears and feels his touch. After ten minutes her anger subsides and gives way to fantasy that the person holding her hand is a childhood love who has come to say good-bye.

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Love and Life

Hand in hand the young lovers strolled along the beach, reveling in the clear blue sky, feeling the kiss of the sun on their nearly naked bodies, admiring the sea gulls and pelicans, and appreciating this perfectly spoil-free day, when they stopped to embrace and exult in the wonder and beauty of all that life had to offer.

Then they spotted him, lying at the edge of the sand dunes, his eyes closed, with his arm extended, the syringe still protruding from his bleeding veins, and it was at that moment that their innocence was stripped from them much like life had been stripped from the young drug addict.

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