Judgement Rendered

Shortly before receiving the divorce papers, he tried, desperately, to reconcile with her; the man stll believed his marriage could be saved.
He has since learned that when a husband appeals to his wife, and a lawyer answers, it is proof of already separate lives.

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All of the writers and singers and geniuses that were blessed enough to be born under the starsign of Capricorn were alcoholics with awful family lives and terrible human skills.
And since I am also a blessed Capricorn, who thinks she can write, sing, draw and paint, and I am so scared of a normal family, I think that I should start drinking, so that my dog can save me from myself when I get too caught up in these shenanigans.

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Hiding, Not Seeking

The night they met–in the most ardent of tones and with tears glistening in her gorgeous hazel eyes–she told him he was the kind of guy who’s hard to find.
It took many months of mostly painful interaction with her for him to finally realize what she had really meant was, he was the kind of guy she was not looking for.

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Decidedly Unsubtle Was He

As a bitter smile distorted her lovely face, she informed one new friend that her ex had been painfully easy to read.
Should she somehow displease him–by, for example, saying something he did not like–her lip would suddenly split and she’d be treated to the familiar taste of her own blood.

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