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Well, it wasn’t dinner at the Waldorf, but it was fine:

As far as last meals go, a 40 ounce beer, a bottle of barbiturates , maple spread on toast and a big bag of weed’s not all that bad.

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The alien stunk like moldy old shoes and the gelantenous mass of its body quivered as it looked the boy over. Exasperated,Billy sighed “You said you were having me over for dinner so where’s the food?”

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Leave Now

“You should leave now” the little boy whispered as his body shook. “Not until I get what I came for” the crusty stranger rasped as the boy’s father’s scream echoed through the open basement door.

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Dream Catcher

I dreamt I was killed; not by the ax she struck me with from behind but by the company of my unsound mind.

Fighting to shake the sleep off my skin, I clutched the dream catcher by the lining of the coffin where my headboard once had been.

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Just as I was finished washing the dishes my daughter pulled on my yellow dress and beckoned me to follow her to her room. She still held tightly as I walked into the empty room, remembering that my daughter had died two weeks ago.

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It was a hot summer day, I was at school working alone in my advisory classroom. It was so hot that I planned to open the windows til I have realized that there was someone behind the curtains.

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