Zombie who?

He looked outside. They were everywhere. His house was surrounded on either side by Zombies. Blood thirsty, hungry for living human beings, they kept approaching at a constant pace. Not knowing what to do, he paced frantically around the house, searching for an escape, forcing his mind to think straight.

“We’ve surrounded the Zombie in a house, Sir. Would you like us to capture or kill him?”. “Take him alive” came the order. We need to study him to find a cure for this outbreak…

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Silver Lining

The virus had given his wife youth; after he exhumed her she followed him wherever he went, craving his body with a mindless desire. He didn’t mind, age had claimed her teeth long ago and he had never believed in “till death do us part.”

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He moaned, staring at a faded, curled pin up poster of a playmate, and tried to eat her brain. He came away with scraps of brittle paper stuck to his rotting teeth and something ticking like a metronome against his belly.

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