What happened to Two Sentence Stories (to hell with Webcity.com.au)

Hurro twosentencestory peoples!

Recent visitors may have noticed some strange things going on with the site. Ratings stars disappearing, sidebar comments gone, site unavailable, site vanished!

It was due to my sucky web host, Webcity.com.au. Never, ever, ever buy web hosting from these clowns. Trust me.

Thanks to their ineptitude I lost about 400 stories that were scheduled to be published. That’s not so bad — I just have to sit there for a few days again and put them in again.

But I did lose a few visitor submitted stories along the way. I have a text copy of the stories lost so I’ll be putting them back up again. If you see yours and it doesn’t have your name or link on it, please email me and I’ll fix it up.

You may notice some of the ratings have disappeared. I have a backup that I’ll be attempting to pull in the old ratings from. It may take a few days. In the meantime, rate away and it’ll merge later.



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Making a story

Did you know, that the hardest part of coming up with only two sentences, was turning them into a story? How am I supposed to enter a plot, characters, feelings, descriptions, poetic prose, a monkey in a tuxedo, a cowboy in high heels, a vampire that loves milk duds, three storm troopers, a high speed chase in an Amish wagon, and a drive by from a tricycle in only two sentences?

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