She made her away towards the stage, her heart beating like crazy, her legs felt like jelly and her hands just wouldn’t stop shaking. She stood there and stared at all the people staring back at her, then she opened her mouth and sang her song, and everyone was entranced by her voice and the lyrics that she had written.

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I know with absolute certainty these sentences will be the only to survive the destruction of our civilisation and will be endlessly puzzled over and analysed for deeper meaning forever and ever.

With that in mind, David Bowie is freaking awesome.

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A Fitting Ringtone

Walking home at night between the stony graves of DDR-cement-housing-blocks, suddenly the high screech of violins playing the „Psycho“-theme screams into my ears. I spin around, heart racing – and realise that the man standing right behind me has picked that ringtone for a reason.

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Super Music Attack!

His image repeated for two hundred projectors back, the conductor raised his baton, at which moment a sea of one point two million flutes, clarinets, oboes, saxophones, bassoons, French horns, trumpets, trombones, baritone horns, tubas, mallets, drumsticks and cymbals all lifted up, signaling their readiness to strike the first note. It was hard to believe that music, of all things, was the alien monster’s weakness, but they were ready.

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Playing the Gig

Our band had booked the gig a year ago while tooling through Wyoming on the way to the west coast, but we came back to find the factory closed and the buildings slumped, abandoned to time and weather. We pulled our gear out of the van and set up anyway, cranked the amps to ear-splitting and rocked out under the lazy summer sun for a few rats, a bone-thin stray dog and the lonely ghost of an old miner.

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Rock and Roll Life: The Birth

After opening for the headlining Pynchonettes, the members of Shredded Pecker returned to their van parked in the alley behind the club to find what they initially thought were their first groupies. Though on closer inspection it was determined that they were only a pair of bag ladies looking for a place to get out of the cold, this did not prevent bass player Flemmy Squatencough from partaking anyway.

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