man’s world

“How I wish I could have gazed upon such real beauty before they were gone!” said the boy. The P.A. system reverberated througout the building, “The museum is closing in ten minutes. Please visit our gift store if you wish to purchase plastic models of our marvelous collection. Thank you for visiting the Museum of Women! May the Father watch over you and your brothers ’till the day of the Mother and her daughters’ return. Have a nice day!”

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Someone’s life story

The son of a Partisan and a pianist, I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia on January 31, 1946, the same day the new Yugoslav Constitution came into effect. I died on November 17, 1989, whilst working as a television journalist in the state media, when a large, colourful chunk of the Berlin Wall – dislodged by an enthusiastic and probably intoxicated young Westerner in a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt – fell and hit me on my head.

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