The Transfiguration of Christ

The transfiguration is when man became God, bringing together the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (of which Jesus had been blessed by his birth) to form the Holy Trinity. Jesus is God and Son and is filled with the Holy Spirit, but before that day on the mountain when God proclaimed, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him,” Jesus was simply a man… with radical ideas, a man inspired to speak out against the established doctrine, espousing freedom of thought and selflessness.

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another way to use a yardstick

my teacher asked me to think of 25 ways to use a yardstick. so then, i jumped out of my feet, grabbed a yardstick, went back in time, killed jesus, started my own religion, called yardstiKyians, which then was the only religion, and then i became god, known as yardstick.

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