The Way Home

I usually take the long road from work back to my home at the edge of the village, but today, everybody looked down as I walked past. When I placed my key in the lock, I heard an emotionless voice from behind: “I’m sorry, but I have to do this.”

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The alien stunk like moldy old shoes and the gelantenous mass of its body quivered as it looked the boy over. Exasperated,Billy sighed “You said you were having me over for dinner so where’s the food?”

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Just as I was finished washing the dishes my daughter pulled on my yellow dress and beckoned me to follow her to her room. She still held tightly as I walked into the empty room, remembering that my daughter had died two weeks ago.

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It was a hot summer day, I was at school working alone in my advisory classroom. It was so hot that I planned to open the windows til I have realized that there was someone behind the curtains.

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The Night Shift

Shortly after three, he climbed into bed and put his arm around me, releasing a tired sigh after working the night shift. Ten minutes later, the front door opened, and I heard my husband talking on his phone: “You don’t understand. He’s after us.”

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When my crew and I were rescued from the deserted island, they found me covered in blood and surrounded by the bones of the rest of my crew. Now that I’m off the island, I’ll need a new excuse to keep eating people.

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“You’re about to sleep and put your blanket on, one of your leg is freezing because it’s not covered by the blanket; you’re afraid of monster touches your leg. Then you cover it, and you pull the blanket to your head until it’s covered, under the blanket you sigh, yet it’s already there.”

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