Last night I had an itch that would not let me go to sleep, and I knew what it was; however, as hard as I tried, I could not reach it. So, I stood up all night cursing the person that forgot to take my toe tag off before I was buried.

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Gone Fishing

That old unreliable outboard motor suddenly surged forward throwing me overboard while I was still tying off the cord on the disgusting smelly chum bag.
I could feel the nylon cord tightening around my ankles as I was being dragged through the murky deep, fish guts steadily leaking from the hessian bag when I came to the harrowing realisation that I was now human bait.

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I just bought you’re new iPhone 6 and tried to take a selfie for 3 times. I viewed the 1st photo and saw something blurry and black was beside me, in the 2nd photo the black object started to become distinct until the last one was actually horrifying. I saw myself died.

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I’ll call you spot

I awake to the perfect darkness of my room when I feel my cat resting on my chest, and have since been frozen in terror from the shocking lack of fur when I pet her. After half an hour, my eyes have adjusted to see the gargantuan insect with a fuzzy tail between its mandibles.

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Having just bought a new pair of glasses with thick frames, I got used to seeing something out of the corner of my eye, however, sometimes when I take my glasses off, I can still see whatever it is. And it seems to be getting closer.

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Found You!

It was nearly midnight when I finally finished boarding up the doors and windows. I thought I was safe and let out a sigh of relief but then I heard the dead child giggling behind me.

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Demon Doll

Ever since she brought that damn clown doll in the house there have been strange things happening. That night however, was even worse; as she lay her 13 month old baby in her crib in the dark bedroom, the baby’s eyes got really large, and then she held her finger to her lips and whispered, “Shhhh…” at the closet door.

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