A Fire Blazes from the Ashes

I knew from the beginning I would be wed to my Lord, though I fought my father’s decision bitterly, having privately accepted my lot to rule my family’s lower household. Father longed to raise our name from ashes into greatness, however, so he offered me up to my Lord — a widowed, aging weasel, who had no heir to his name, his stature or his wealth — never guessing such dealings might breed a bitter, vindictive heart in his precious daughter.

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Keeping the Faith

“I’d fancy a Blackened Horseradish Crusted Hawaiian Swordfish, a slice of Caramel Tiramisu, and a nice bottle of sherry to wash it all down,” Roger said.

“Alright, right after the government provides me amnesty for my student loans,” Michael responded as he opened the dumpster lid.

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