Peanut butter

The football team called her peanut butter.
Kind of an odd name for such a friendly girl don’t you think?

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1 thought on “Peanut butter”

  1. I get it, but I’m not sure if this is intended to have a unique understanding of it’s meant to be vague and entirely up to the reader’s imagination.

    It could mean that she only performs a certain type of oral sex and nothing else, that she performs all kinds of oral sex and nothing else, that she has all kinds of sex, that she does it with one person, or that she does it with everyone. Racism is ruled out because of the tag, but that would have been a consideration. It could even be something about her and a dog.

    This is a great story. It has the inherent quality of something that isn’t mean to be understood one way. I can leave it thinking that she had sex with the entire football team, another person can take it to mean that she has one boyfriend and is faithful.

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