If Only Once II

The second time I watched you read this two sentence story, your eyes seemed less focused, and your lips were quivering in anticipation of the ending; and as before, I held my approach because if you are the one who is meant to be mine then I must show some control while you read, again, the middle of this story, praying that the ending has improved. It was then, during this second viewing, that I became certain you would be satisfied with me as you continued to read; a gratified look began to make you smile when you discovered near the end that you and I do indeed come together… full stop!… for all time… and that my love for you has always existed and always will, just as I have idolized you always, just as I love that kooky face you make when you’re frightened… how adorable; so yes, I will wait patiently, again, as I have done before, to catch a glimpse of you and, perhaps, even catch your scent… and again I will hold back my approach, all the while thinking how lovely it will be to finally kiss your shoulder… and brush your hair… and gently caress your lovely and delicate neck… if only the once.

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If Only Once

The first time I watched you read this two sentence story, with your eyes focused and your lips pursed in concentration, anticipating the twist at the end… I restrained myself, because I knew you were the one for me; and I chose not to approach you when you were struggling thru the middle of this story, wanting desperately for the ending to be fantastic: and I saw the makings of a gratified look spread across your face when you continued on to the end of the story to discover that you and I come together, finally… and that the love we have has always been, as I have idolizing from afar—your brilliance, the way you write, and that face you make when you’re scared. I have stood and waited many nights just to catch a glimpse of you… but, again, I did not approach… each time thinking how lovely it would be to caress your shoulder… to touch your hair… to kiss lightly your neck… if only once.

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