His eyes, flashing in hers, as she saw him go into the unknown. His smile left behind as his eyes covered, she closed her own and out came the tears of not just hers, but the culmination of his eyes as well.

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Aussie Man, American Woman

He came from the land down under, to an unfamiliar life in the countryside of a new land full of love and understanding which turned to apprehension. Looking in the mirror one day, he said this is not for me so he left that life and just down the road, he met the love of his life and found his salvation in an American woman.

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Oh, and true love.

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Absent minded as he was, Nigel asked his wife to pack his parachute after she was done loading his backpack with sandwiches, to which she replied, “I’ve only got two hands—I’ll get to it later.” So when at 3500 feet Nigel pulled his cord and out flew six ham and cheese sandwiches and a couple of juice boxes, he was a bit surprised, and a lot dismayed at the sight of his lunch soaring away from him, and the ground rushing toward him; but he showed almost no surprise when his wife dropped from above, snagged him by the arm, and attached him to her harness, all the while saying, “Dreadfully sorry, hon… forgot all about it… forgive me…” and pulling her cord with her free hand.

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