Lucy smiled as she tucked into the front pocket of her jeans the talisman that the clairvoyant had assured her would render powerless the malevolent forces that had thus far shaped her life. Absolved from blame she whistled as ignoring her aching wisdom teeth, she picked up her trusty pump action shotgun and with a renewed sense of optimism headed to the bank to discuss her cash flow problems with the manager.

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On this Path

After decades of intensive data collection, analysis and research, scientists have concluded that there are precisely seven quadrillion, nine hundred and sixty-six trillion, five hundred and thirty-eight billion, one hundred and seventy-two million, two hundred and eighty-nine thousand, five hundred and fifty-four different paths a human being can choose to go down. So now I really must ask myself, out of all those paths, what the hell did I do to end up on this one?

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