Alien Lovers

His name was not a sound it was an idea, somewhere between orange and warmth with hints of sincerity, kindness and reliability. Until this time he had been alone but now there was another and together they slipped across the landscape, scavenging at times, at others simply rejoicing in each other’s company.

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Uncertainty Principle

After seventeen years of building the specialized hardware and coding the exclusive software, the Machine was switched on.

As it created a perfect simulation of our universe in every possible detail, we realized we were no longer certain of our own reality.

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Death of a Planet

“In a never-ending quest to manipulate their planet to better suit their every selfish desire, the Earth-dwellers attempted to cease the eruption of all volcanoes by pumping all of the core’s magma out into space,” Professor Ylyvys explained to his eighth-grade class about the ex-planet that had become infamous even to them, nine galaxies away. “They never fully understood the aliveness of their planet until they drained its life-blood, which killed not only Earth but also everything and everyone on it.”

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