We tend to criticize others for what they do not know due to lack of exposure and take pride in the knowledge we so easily acquired. What’s worse is that we criticize the things that we do not know while we take pride in the knowledge that is of no value to others.

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Urban Escape

The city girl spent exactly 12.5 hours at the agriturismo before making her apologies to the owner, checking out early, and catching the first bus to Rome. It was a salvation to step onto the metro, to make her way through the bustling crowds at the station, and to fall asleep listening to a cacophony of sounds beneath her window.

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No More Family Reunions

Your mother wrapped her pies in barbed wire and alarms as always, your nieces played hopscotch over land mines being the little daredevils they are, and our cousins did that tricky balancing act they’ve always done on the picket fence. If you promised to keep all those electric eels of yours on their leashes I’d let you come again, but I knew you were up to no good when I saw you wearing those rubber gloves.

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Ever Been Tested?

The tests we have in life – school examinations or job performance evaluations – are seldom reliable and should not be considered bases for assessing your capabilities. If you pass or if you fail, it does not mean that you are superior or inferior to others; the real test is if you know how to deal with failure…and if you know how to handle success.

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She Reads

She was neither fake nor vain; she could not understand why other women crowded in shops looking for the perfect dress or the most exquisite necklace, and how they enjoyed their dreams at night when all they could see were their pretentious bodies bathed in gold. She was grateful though – the more women there are in beauty shops, the less there are in the dusty bookstores where she found the most exquisite and perfect stories that conjure her technicolor dreams at night.

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