Dangerous Driving

One moonlit evening, Jacob kept his eyes on the road and smiled a Cheshire-cat grin; as he concentrated on driving, Vivian concentrated on driving her tongue along the highway of his neck—kissing it, flicking it, nibbling on it—her journey continued around the curve of his ear. Vivian cradled his unresponsive hand in the ICU and whispered, “My God, what have I done?”

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Coming Clean

We headed back into the world; our self-imposed exile left us feeling blind as moles and numb to feeling, like amoebas, single-celled organisms, unable to comprehend what it means to be something.

It was a piteous way to return.

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If I’d have known the first step out of my house would be the first step into my life, I’d have left years ago.

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No Qualms

“You’re gonna go to hell for this” said the Deputy, he spat on the ground wiping the the brown spit trail off his lips with the back of his hand.

“Ya’ll first” said the Outlaw, he cocked the hammer on his Smith and Wesson and advanced on the kneeling Sheriff.

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Keeping the Faith

“I’d fancy a Blackened Horseradish Crusted Hawaiian Swordfish, a slice of Caramel Tiramisu, and a nice bottle of sherry to wash it all down,” Roger said.

“Alright, right after the government provides me amnesty for my student loans,” Michael responded as he opened the dumpster lid.

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“Aw, man,” he drawled, “come on, now, we should probably have sex to break the tension.”

“You’re a mess and probably unstable,” she said, “so I can’t have sex with you until, like, Wednesday.”

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