The Ending

The day they had betrothed themselves to one another, Gabe was inebriated, having taken a handful of the little blue pills he had grown to adore more than even his next meal or breath.

So this unfortunate ending, sitting across from the love of his life signing papers issued by her attorney, The Great Neuterer, seemed the fitting finale to the union he had taken for granted for the last time.

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He stood there staring at her patiently, watching her eyes dart from side to side, up and down, her face a beautiful study in motion, from frowns to slight smiles, to perplexed, to curiosity, and back to frowning again at the object in her hand.

Finally, his feet growing sore and his patience growing thinner, he asked her, “Have you decided on your order yet M’am?”

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The School Clock

While the boy with sticking-out ears, we all call “wing nuts”, winds the Silky Oak “Herga & Co of Brisbane” school clock, he places one of his wing nuts against the clock and straightens it so it goes “tick – tick” and not “tick – tock”. If it went tick – tock it would go slower and slower until it eventually stopped.

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Scent of a Man

She checks the answering machine as soon as she enters the house, something she’s done for more years than she can remember, hoping against hope that he will finally call, and she can be happy again.

Trying to absorb his scent from his clothes, she sniffs and sniffs until her nose feels raw, and then the crushing reality once again slams her upside her head, and crushes her heart: Her son is dead.

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Zombie flash-mob devastated by surprisingly well-prepared mental patients.

Tragedy marred an otherwise peaceful and routine zombie flash-mob in Vancouver, BC, when a troop of heavily armed schizophrenics laid waste to the costumed celebrators with guns, torches, and clubs.

Said police, this is what comes of crying wolf.

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