Sharing #2

When she went down in the world, she was not surprised to see her circle of friends diminish; but she was shocked when her fortune changed, and the same thing occurred. Some friends who could commiserate with her in the roughest of times couldn’t seem to bring themselves to celebrate with her when things were good.

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All the girls in the female student lounge had their noses pressed to the windows to watch the inhabitants of floor C in the all-boys’ dorm across the lawn put on a voluntary, low-fi improvised strip tease complete with strobe lighting and floor fans. But when the boys finished up and gestured that it was the girls’ turn to reciprocate, the room quickly emptied.

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She thought she was a West Coast girl accidentally born on the East Coast until she visited a friend in California. Listening to the girls there talk about making out with each other the night before—since they’d gotten bored at the party where no interesting boys could be found—she realized she was, in fact, fully an East Coast girl.

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Tables Turned

At first, she thought he was cold and seriously lacking in empathy, because whenever she brought up her impending surgery, he changed the topic or simply told her not to worry about it. But he was there when she came to, helping her to change out of her paper gown and even pulling up her panties for her; and she saw he had been worried more than she had.

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Time Marches On

When she first visited Athens, she was surprised—not by the ruins, they were exactly as she had expected them to be, but by the rest of it. For all the quaint charm of the dusty agora and its tumbled columns with flowers growing up in between the cracks and butterflies hovering poetically over them, a ten minutes’ walk in any direction, and you might think for a moment you were on a dingy street in Philadelphia or Detroit.

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